Isn’t it amazing what God is doing all around the world? We've heard thousands of stories and testimonies all over, but we are also a story and testimony that must be told.

Just like Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians: "You are as a letter from Christ written by us. You are not written as other letters are written with ink, or on pieces of stone. You are written in human hearts by the Spirit of the living God." 


comes from the greek word Grafos - γράφω -
that means “to write or express in written characters”.
And from the adjectival suffix
- able- that means “capable of”.

The "Why" Behind it

Grafable is a way to write in human hearts what God is doing in our lives. Through newsletters, writing updates, sharing stories and testimonies … we must write about our own letter.

Grafos = γράφω + Able = Grafable

Our main goal

is for you to share with family, friends, and partner ministries, about the ministry you're leading.